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The Super Clear Bundle

Conservative estimates show that 85% of homes in the United States have water that is detrimental to optimal health.

Treat your water as seriously as we do.

As family-oriented water specialists, we’re proud to offer our Enhanced Water Refining Systems bundled with a few extra perks for you and the family!

  • Get a FREE, in-depth water analysis and know what your family is using for their life and hygiene.
  • $150 credit toward the purchase of a new unit  
  • Unending Customer Support
  • $50 Home Depot or Lowes Gift Card for scheduling an in-home water analysis 
  • $200 Referral Bonus when a friend or family member buys a system

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Nuvia Offers a full line of Enhanced Water Refining Systems and Enhanced Air Purification Systems

Nuvia Enhanced Water Refining Systems

Nuvia Enhanced Air Purification Systems

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