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Treat Your Water Seriously

It’s time to understand that the water running through the average American home isn’t as pure as we thought. You need to start treating your water as seriously as we do.

Find out what contaminants are in your water

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Isn't tap water already treated?

Yes. Municipal water utility companies generally treat tap water. One of the most important things they do is add a solution to the water to kill biological threats like bacteria and viruses. However, water treatment also leaves trace amounts of residue.

The contaminants in tap water which gets past the final levels of filtration are called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS are typically comprised of metals, chemicals, organic materials, and minerals.

Our water bills would most likely skyrocket if water companies operated with the goal of removing all TDS. Instead, they treat water so that it has “acceptable levels” of TDS to keep tap water affordable.

Is chlorine/chloramine harmful?

Chorine/chloramine in small amounts should not have major adverse health effects. However, it does affect living standards and comfort levels. Chlorine/chloramine can irritate the eyes, cause itching, make your skin dry, and make your hair brittle. It also will add taste or smell that is similar to pool water.

Is filtered water or bottled water better?

One can’t really say since they both have their purpose, but there are definitely pros and cons to bottled water and filtered water.

Using a quality water filtration system for your tap water will give you great-tasting water with high standards.  The great thing about filtering your own drinking water is that you know that you’ll get quality water with a quality refining system, you have a reduced carbon footprint since you’re not using single-use plastics, and you save more and more money over time.

On the other hand, each bottled water company has different standards for their respective products. The water pre-treatment has different properties, their treatment methods are different, and their packaging is different. Plastic water bottles are also not environmentally friendly and can leach plastic and chemicals into the water. These factors are why each brand of bottled water has a distinct taste and smell to it.

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