You may not think that the water in your home is a cause for concern, but it has an impact on your health and your lifestyle. Although there’s a standard filtration process that utility companies put water through, there are contaminants and impurities that get past water treatment plants and into American homes. While they don’t have any immediately apparent effects, here are the five subtle problems caused by impure hard water that we’ve grown accustomed to.

1. Rough and dry skin

There’s evidence that hard water can damage the exterior layer of skin, leading to the development of eczema or other skin conditions. The pollutants interfere with the skin’s ability to block bacteria, viruses, and molecules that cause allergic reactions. The impurities also impede the skin from locking in moisture.

Once the first layer of skin is damaged, the other layers of skin lose their ability to protect themselves and heal at optimal levels. It’s why people with sensitive skin typically see their symptoms aggravated after contact with contaminated hard water, like after washing their hands or taking a shower. The irritants that helped cause the issue also prevent the skin from total relief.

At the very least, the impurities in hard water can lead to temporary dry and itchy skin. Worst case scenario, impure water causes life-long issues with the body’s largest organ.

2. Weak and brittle hair

Even though you use shampoo and conditioner in the shower, your hair is still more than likely getting damaged. The healing properties of hair products can only do so much when they almost immediately get washed out by the very thing that’s causing harm.

When the water dries, it leaves a coat of pollutants on the hair, almost undetectable to the naked eye. When you look at it closely, you can notice the film of different impurities, and in some cases, there’s even a perceptible difference in color. Many people will think that if it’s barely noticeable, it doesn’t need to be addressed. However, this film slowly chips away at the hair’s vitality.

What does this mean in the long term? Your healthy hair degrades, leading to hair breakage, tangles, and eventually hair loss.


3. Stubborn stains around the house

Have you ever cleaned the bathroom or wiped down the kitchen sink, only for it to become grimy and dirty again after a day? No, it’s not from regular use or inferior cleaning products. It’s from the mineral buildup in hard water!

When hard water dries, it leaves mineral residue on surfaces like in your hair or skin. You’ll start to see limescale buildup on your plumbing fixtures or your mirrors in your bathroom. In the short term, it’s not a significant issue. Your house and appliances will just need more tender loving care. But wouldn’t you rather be doing more important things?

Even though you can waste more time and effort in cleaning it off time and time again, the major problem comes with the parts that you can’t wipe off or maintain. The internal buildup of residue for pipes and household appliances can cause thousands of dollars in damages over time.

4. Discolored clothes that tear easily

Having great-looking clothes doesn’t mean buying a whole new wardrobe or having to use a laundry detergent that advertises brighter colors. Your clothes can last longer and look brand new longer if you’re washing them with high-quality water.

Contaminated water deposits minerals in the fibers of the clothes. The impurities dull the vibrancy of your clothes and add more stress to the strands of material. You’ll notice an almost immediate change in color after you wash your clothes, and they’ll become more prone to tears and holes.

It’s undeniable that buying new clothes is a stress reliever and a confidence booster, but you’d get more value if clothes looked great for as long as possible.

5. Wasting cleaning and personal care supplies

Whether it’s for cleaning your kitchen, washing your dishes, taking a shower, or brushing your teeth, soap and all kinds of detergents are activated by water. For example, the bubbles or the foaming action help cleaning supplies scrub dirt and grime off.

Unfortunately, impure water isn’t as efficient at providing an optimal environment for detergent. Because of this, people tend to overload on soap, thinking that more soap means a cleaner surface- but it’s not that simple. Using too much detergent can damage what you’re trying to clean. On the other hand, not using enough won’t get it as clean as you want.

Applying a little more than necessary may seem like a small thing to be worried about. Still, when we consider all the soap, detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, and other cleaning supplies, we’re talking about a couple of thousand dollars that are being wasted over a lifetime.

Now all these problems are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Fixing it isn’t a life or death matter, but many consider it life-altering. That’s why households choose to get a Nuvia Enhanced Water Refining System to get high-quality and great-tasting water.

You’ll still have to clean and take care of your body, your house, and your appliances, but you’ll notice that the little things add up to make a big difference. Think about being comfortable in your skin and showing off your healthy, bouncy hair. Think about providing the best life has to offer for your kids. Think about all the money and time that you’ll be saving.

We’re confident that you’ll come to find that Nuvia Enhanced Water Refining System will elevate your lifestyle.

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