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Defense Against Hard Water!


  • Prevents Build-Up of Scale
  • Prolongs Life of Pipes & Appliances
  • Better Tasting Water
  • High-Flow Rates up to 40 GPM
  • Filters Down to 5 Microns
  • For Residential Use
  • Easy Installation

Protect Water with Nuvia Scale Shield!

Nuvia Scale Shield is a cost-effective solution for inhibiting and removing scale and other sediments from the water that enters the home. Nuvia Scale Shield protects water-using appliances from scales damaging and costly effects. Its high-quality components deliver the durability for which Nuvia products are known.

Nuvia’s proprietary filtration and media blend prevents the formation of scale, and eliminates existing scale (hard water), by accelerating the transformation of calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless microscopic particles. Sequesters and controls Iron up to 10 PPM. Prevents Iron from precipitating, staining, and discoloring the water and also ramatically improves the taste of water where Iron is present.

2-Stage Filtration Process

  • Stage 1 | NW-Sediment Filtration
  • Stage 2 | NW-Scale Reduction