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Whole Home Solution

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imageAt Nuvia, we understand what safe clean water means to your health and quality of life. Whether it is the water you drink or that is absorbed by your skin, nothing is more fundamental to your life than water!

Although consumers often take water quality for granted, with a little research one quickly discovers that the baseline water standards set for public use are not nearly as stringent as they might wish.

Nuvia Whole Home Solutions is the answer to meeting the exacting standards of safe, clean water. Fully customizable, Whole Home Solutions are individually designed to meet specific water filtration needs.

A Whole Home Solution addresses complex water problems utilizing two components that provide layers of filtration:

  • Water Refining or Conditioning System
  • Drinking Water System

Together these systems remove the contaminates and impurities that may:

  • Stain Sinks, showers, and Counters
  • Cause Early and Increased Plumbing Problems and Expenses
  • Cause Increased Wear on Appliances
  • Cause Water to Smell and Taste Poorly
  • Result in Adverse Health Effects

Whole Home Platinum Package

Cover your home with layers of protection with the Nuvia Whole Home Platinum Package, for both air and water purification. This option integrates a whole home water solution with Nuvia’s air filtration technologies for a complete package that removes harmful contaminates from your water and reduces indoor air pollution. The Nuvia Whole Home Platinum Package represents the pinnacle of air and water technologies, implementing only advanced and proven medias and materials, all customized to meet your exact needs. With the Nuvia Whole Home Platinum Package you can rest easy knowing that you have greatly reduced the level of harmful contaminates in your water, and you can breathe easier with significantly improved indoor air quality!

It is no surprise that the EPA rated indoor air as one of the top five environmental public health concerns! With today’s homes sealed airtight, homeowners are trapping dangerous allergens inside their homes and respiratory conditions are on the increase. Thanks to Nuvia Breeze, you can effectively help eliminate these allergens from your home.

Utilizing the latest technologies, most highly rated medias, and durable components, Whole Home Solutions deliver cleaner, refined water from every faucet in your home.

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