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Refining and Conditioning System

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Nuvia PRO

NuviaPro affords every home the opportunity of having the spa-like luxury of soft water; cleaner, healthier water is provided throughout the home. Specifically designed for municipal water applications, NuviaPro softens the water, reduces chlorine and chloramines, and reduces turbidity. It filters, refines, and conditions water. As unobtrusive as it is high-tech, the system directs tap water through several layers of media, which reduce sediment, chlorine, chloramines, particulate matter, and odors, to deliver incredibly soft and enjoyable water. This state-of-the-art, multi media water treatment system utilizes specially engineered components for the most efficient and economical water treatment system available.

The NuviaPro reduces the high concentrations of dissolved solids, which are responsible for staining and discoloring tubs, sinks, counters and washed fabrics.  This reduces the costs associated with repairs and replacement. Fabrics, pipes and water-using appliances all last longer and perform better. Refined water substantially reduces the necessary requirement of soaps, cleaners, and detergents.

Add the Nuvia Gold Filter to remove even more heavy metals from your water, and extend the life of your system! This filter utilizes the patented KDF 55 process media, which is made from a copper and zinc alloy.  This reduces inorganic water-soluble heavy metals prior to them reaching the granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. This extends the life of the system. For a dual tank application, integrate Nuvia Advantage for an even more customized solution.



Nuvia Simplicity

Having soft, luxurious, and healthy water has never been so simple. Nuvia believes everyone deserves the best options in advanced whole house, multi-media-refining systems; that is why we introduced Nuvia Simplicity.

While nearly all residential systems simply soften water and to some degree can be called water softeners, softening water only solves part of the problem. The Nuvia Simplicity is a whole solution that softens AND refines water. Our system delivers more so you worry less.

The Nuvia Simplicity uses the most advanced technologies available in addressing the problems of hardness and turbidity. Not only does it reduce the minerals that cause hardness, it also cleans the water, reducing sediment that causes turbidity, as well as reducing chlorine, producing nothing but high quality, clean water.

Nuvia Simplicity's intelligent design addresses all aspects of superior quality with advanced medias for maximum contaminant reduction and durable components for longevity. The system reduces the high concentrations of dissolved solids responsible for discoloring tubs, counters and fabrics as well as causing excessive wear on pipes and water-using appliances. For even greater protection, the system accommodates the Nuvia Gold Filter, which removes even more heavy metals from your water.

  • Multi-Stage filtration
    (both models)
  • Scalable System for Residential and Commercial Use (both models)
  • Reliable High Flow Digital Smart Valve (PRO only)
  • Reliable High Flow Valve (Simplicity only)
  • Full 1" Inlet & Outlet enabling refiner to reach a maximum flow rate of 27 gpm (both models)
  • Durable Low-Maintenance Design (both models)
  • Corrosion-resistant components (both models)
  • Bypass Valve Allows You the Option of Bypassing the Systems (PRO only)
  • Long Lasting Tank
    (both models)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    (both models)
Electronic Control Valve (PRO Only)
  • Solid State Technology
  • Smart Electronics--Display Shows Time and Gallons Remaining
  • Memory Back-Up During Power Failure. Once the Clock is Set, All Settings and Historical Data Remain Unchanged, with No Loss in Service.
  • Automatically Adjusts and Calculates Water Usage, Saving on Salt or Potassium and Water Consumption
  • Keeps Skin Soft and Healthy
  • Softens Clothes
  • Substantially Reduces the Amount of Soap and Detergents Needed
  • Reduces Chlorine Smell and Taste
  • Reduces Turbidity, or the Cloudiness of Water Caused by Suspended Solid Particles
  • Cost-Saving