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Residential Conditioning, Refining, Drinking Water Solutions and Air Filtration Systems

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Our Products

Nuvia Water has a singular vision of providing highly advanced water solutions, using the most durable components and state-
of-the-art technologies. We offer a scalable line of products, ready to meet the exacting demands of home and business!


kid drinking waterPure Water for Peace of Mind
It is impossible to overestimate the value of clean water, whether it is the water we drink, or the water absorbed by our skin. Nuvia Water believes that something so vital in sustaining life deserves our full attention!

Many people believe that untreated water from the tap is relatively free from contaminates. Although the water in most communities must meet EPA Primary Drinking Water Standards the fact remains that not all contaminants are regulated. Water can even pick up additional contaminates while traveling from the source to your tap!

Water that Meets Your Standards.
Quality water is vital to your health and wellbeing. Quality water should be the standard. Nuvia puts the power of advanced water filtration technology in your hands.

The Nuvia Difference
At Nuvia, innovative technologies are not an option, they are the standard. Browse our proven water filtration solutions.

wholehouse Whole House Refining System

Essential to life and health, few things are as important as water. Filtering definitely improves water quality. There are many filtering options available based upon specific requirements. Nuvia’s whole house refining system specifically addresses the hardness and cleanliness of water.

drinkingwater Drinking Water Systems

Essential to life and health, few things are as important as water. At Nuvia, we take the availability of safe clean water seriously and provide affordable, effective and reliable drinking water systems that utilize the most advanced technologies available today. With Nuvia’s cutting edge drinking water technologies, all you need to worry about is filling your glass!

ecofriendlyEco-Friendly Water Filtration Systems

Nothing is more fundamental to our health than safe, clean drinking water. Nuvia provides advanced eco-friendly water filtration systems. Nuvia systems offer environmentally friendly choices by providing your family with water that supports your life and your future.

ecofriendlyWater Coolers

Clean water is important, especially in the workplace. In an environment where efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness matter, it makes sense to replace out-dated drinking water coolers with super efficient bottle-less drinking water cooler systems.

ecofriendlyAir Quality Systems

Nuvia indoor air quality solutions let you breather easier. The most advanced technology is your best defense against poor indoor air quality, and Nuvia has you covered! Nuvia has highly advanced air filtration and purification systems that address all classes of contaminates, including particles and mold, bacteria and odors, and chemical vapors.