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Nuvia is a nationally trusted provider of quality commercial and residential water treatment systems which include:

  • Water Refiner, multi-media bed system (softening and conditioning systems)
  • Drinking Water Systems
          • Reverse Osmosis
           • Alkaline Systems
  • Green, no salt system
  • Carbon Series
  • Well Water Systems
  • Custom Problem Water Solutions
  • Commercial Products
Our Products

Our products represent superior design, components, and medias and assure that the quality of every system demands less maintenance and delivers high customer satisfaction.


Greater Revenue Stream

With the increasing understanding of environmental issues, health concerns, and the importance of clean water in both the residential and commercial setting, water treatment is a unique high growth industry. In addition to the booming residential sector, the commercial and industrial sector represents unlimited opportunity.

Our vision is clear—provide the most technologically advanced water solutions and back it by unmatchable service. Teaming with Nuvia means you'll be part of a remarkable group and deliver a product of which you can truly be proud.


Superior, scalable solutions. Nuvia believes it is, that simple.

Call today to speak with a representative, and compliment your home and business with pure innovation. 800-485-7615